Before I got into ceremonial magic, I was primarily focused on divination.  I saw myself as a seer first and foremost, resorting to magic only at the absolute last necessity, seeing it as “heavy machinery” that I wasn’t too familiar with at any rate.  Sure, I knew my stuff about the planets and planetary hours and sigils and stuff, but nothing really big beyond invoking some power or other.  Instead, I stuck to divination and prediction, with my preferred method being geomancy.

I don’t recall precisely anymore how I found out about geomancy; back when I was in college, I became a fan of the occult section of the major library on campus and foud copies of Agrippa’s Three Books (and his Fourth) of Occult Philosophy.  They had some information on geomancy towards the end of book Two and the start of book Four, and I got more involved from there.  It’s definitely my favorite method of divination, being easy to pick up and perform pretty much anywhere.  Plus, the mechanics behind it really pleases a computer scientist such as myself, what with it involving binary mathematics and recursive algorithms.


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