There’s a lot of attention to detail in the occult, and very fine things that require a lot of attention.  This isn’t just about ritual and fancy herbs to boil into a stew, but things like timing of certain actions, the kind of writing system you choose, and other things that make all the difference in the world.  A bunch of these topics were commonplace knowledge to occultists and nonoccultists alike, back in the day, but over time this knowledge has gotten lost, mangled, or mistaken for other things entirely.  The “Skills” section of this site has a collection of small treatises that may help the reader understand how to deal with these devilish details as they come up in the Work, so check out the menu above and see what you might find.


2 Responses to Skills

  1. Olu says:

    I have been a fan of your fascinating blog for a long time now. I will just read, and try to learn from you. Though i have a lot of questions
    with regards to (a) your design sigils. I used one, it worked. Thanks for that. I raised questions regarding this your new sigils. I’m a solitary practitioner, a christian. Hiding behind the shelf to pray-up angels is a little not fine when you think someone is looking through the key hole.
    Thank you for listening to me.

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