As a practicing ceremonial magician, geomancer, and occult designer and craftsman, I’m more than happy to help out people seeking an edge, answer, or tool in their own Work, be it mundane, spiritual, or otherwise.  Some of my services are a fixed fee, while others may vary depending on the involvement and work required.  Take a look at my offerings and services below.  If it’s just a one-time fee, click on the payment button and proceed with the instructions and I’ll get back to you once I receive notification of payment.  If something goes by a rate, send me an email through the Contact page and we’ll continue talking from there.  I’ll be sure to let you know if I’ll be unavailable for a project or whether there’s going to be an undue delay.

  1. Divination, Ebooks and Crafts
  2. Ritual Services
  3. Crafting and Consultation
  4. Workshops, Classes, and Courses
  5. Disclaimer and Regulations

Divination, Ebooks, and Crafts

For all divination queries, ebooks, jewelry, woodworking, and talismans, please visit my Etsy shop.  For custom commissions or consultation requests, please contact me.

Please note that, effective October 2016, due to ongoing spiritual commitments, I am not taking divination requests or crafting or design commissions at this time.  I expect to begin taking them on a case-by-case basis starting November 2017, but please stay tuned for more information.

Ritual Services

I currently perform rituals as a service to clients on a case-by-case basis, depending on time availability and complexity.  Contact me to discuss commissioning a ritual.

Please note that, effective October 2016, due to ongoing spiritual commitments, I am not taking ritual requests at this time.  I expect to begin taking them on a case-by-case basis starting November 2017, but please stay tuned for more information.

Crafting and Consultation

Consultation work can take place over Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, or email, depending on convenience and availability.  Email will be used for documentation of information, final decisions, progress updates, and electronic file transfer except when other means are more convenient.  Research, design, and production will vary in the time taken based on difficulty and resource availability, external circumstances permitting.

  • Half Hour Skype Consultation  — $50
    Need help in a ritual?  Unclear where your life is going?  Got a spiritual problem you can’t work out?  Wondering whether something is a good idea, or whether it’s bound to be a lesson learned the hard way?  Let’s talk it out and get you some answers to further your self, life, and Work!  Via Skype videochat or instant messaging, we can schedule a consultation session where we talk about any occult or spiritual problem you might have, from ritual setup to interpersonal relationships.  Once I get the payment notification, we’ll set up a time to talk, a topic, and what you might need to prepare or bring to the session.PayPal Button: Half-Hour Skype Consultation Session
  • One Hour Skype Consultation — $90
    Just like the half hour consultation session above, except for one hour.
    PayPal Button: One Hour Skype Consultation Session
  • Design Creation — Prices vary
    Working with symbols and sacred geometry, combining the mystical Word with abstract Number, can be difficult as it can rewarding.  Figuring out designs and patterns for use in occult works, or redrawing symbols and characters from old grimoires for modern use requires a good eye as well as a good Eye.  If you have any designs that need updating, drafting, or just plain brainstorming to base a project or layout on, let me know about your needs.  Based on the type of style or design, I’ll use primarily Western European and Renaissance Hermetic references supplemented by sacred geometry and classical design, or custom ideas and inspirations depending on the project and needs.  You can see a selection of my designs publicly available on my Designs page.  Prices vary based on the project and complexity, starting at $15 per design.  Email me to discuss design projects.
  • Tool Production — $30/hour + cost of supplies
    The occult makes use of lots of tools, some of which can be easily picked up from the hardware or rock store while others must be delicately hand-crafted.  From oaken wands and canvas summoning circles to custom-made divination cards to protective oils and planetary talismans, let me take care of your crafting needs and provide them for you.  Tell me about your ideas, and we can hash out the design (if feasible) and I can get you a quote.  My charge will be based on the cost of supplies plus $30 per hour of work.  Shipping will cost $10 for US shipping and $20 for international or overseas shipping.  You can see a selection of my crafts on my Crafts page.  Email me to discuss crafting projects.
  • Please note that, effective October 2016, due to ongoing spiritual commitments, I am not taking divination, design, or crafting commissions at this time.  I expect to begin taking them on a case-by-case basis starting November 2017, but please stay tuned for more information.  However, I do still accept consultations for ritual advice or one-off mentoring sessions.

Workshops, Classes, and Courses

  • I’m available to give classes, workshops, or lectures on various topics on magic and divination.  My specialties lie in Renaissance Hermetic and classical Hellenic magical practices, geomantic divination as practiced in Renaissance Europe, and astrological ritual.  Let me know about an upcoming event (no less than two months in advance, please) and we’ll talk about what you’d like me to talk about.  I’d normally like to present or give classes within the DC Metro and mid-Atlantic region, but depending on the topic, I’d be glad to present outside that area.  Costs and fees, if any, can be hashed out through email.
  • I’m not currently taking on any long-term or personal students.  For simple or one-off questions about general practice, please send me an email. For involved ritual questions or matters requiring some investigation, check out my Ritual Consultation offer above.

Disclaimer and Regulations
The Digital Ambler (this blog) is a personal blogging site written and maintained by polyphanes (the author) and supported by and the good people at Automattic.  Any and all views, opinions, endorsements, and statements made on this blog are strictly of the author and of no outside person, organization, group, or institution, with the exception of any automatically generated advertisement not made or explicitly posted by the author.  No statement on this blog is intended to be representative of anything but the personal and subjective opinion, experience, thoughts, and repeated information from the author.  This blog is intended for the personal use of viewers and readers only, and may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors including the collection of personally identifiable information or the sending of commercial messages except with the express permission of the author.

By reading the content of this blog or by ordering any product or service from it or the author through any means, including but not limited to services like PayPal or Etsy, you agree to all of the following:

    1. You are a mature, reasonable, and sensible adult who has reached the age of majority in your locality, state or province, and nation of residence and it is legal and permissible for you to view and order from this blog in your current location.  You are not ordering any product or service for anyone who has not reached the age of majority of their locality, state or province, and nation.  You will view and use all content of this blog and any product or service obtained through it in accordance with the laws, legislation, and restrictions in effect in your area of residence, as well as in accordance with United States export laws and regulations when overseas or abroad.  You will assume all responsibility for your use of the content of this blog and any product or service obtained through it.
    2. All products and services available here are offered for entertainment and informative purposes only, on an as-is and as-available basis, at your own risk.  No product or service offered through this blog have any implied, guaranteed, warranteed, reliable, regular, precise, or accurate result.  No official claims are made as to the medical, psychological, physiological, biological, logological, natural, supernatural, subnatural, physical, metaphysical, pataphysical, spiritual, material, or magical qualities for any product or service obtained through this blog.  Once a purchase is made from this site or any service the author uses (e.g. PayPal or Etsy) and shipped to you if the purchase was for a tangible object, it will be considered final with no opportunity for return, refund, replacement, or reimbursement except at the express initiative, permission, and agreement of both you and the author.
    3. Any blog post, document, publication, or other text written by the author is intellectual property of the author who reserves all copyright unless explicitly stated otherwise.  By purchasing any product or service that contains text not otherwise posted publicly on this blog, you agree to not share, redistribute, replicate, or copy the text either in part or as a whole without obtaining the author’s express permission.
    4. The author will make a reasonable effort to include accurate and up-to-date information regarding products and services offered through this blog, but will make no warranty or representation as to their accuracy or efficacy.  The author will not assume liability or culpability for any error, omission, or factual inaccuracy in the content of any product or service offered through this blog, and that you indemnify, defend, and hold harmless this blog and the author from any and all claims and damages arising from or related to any allegation regarding them, as well as your use, misuse, and abuse of them.
    5. Your usage of any product or service obtained through this blog constitutes a spiritual endeavor and no guarantees or warranties are made, expressed, or implied as to the results of these spiritual endeavors of you or the author.  Information about these spiritual endeavors may be provided on this blog at the author’s discretion and you are directed to read this information before deciding upon and progressing on said spiritual endeavors.  Any instructions or directives provided with any product or service are intended to be followed, and failure to follow the given instructions or directives may inhibit the result you intend to obtain by the purchased product or service.  Neither this blog nor the author will assume any responsibility for the failure to obtain an intended result.
    6. The content of this blog and any product or service obtained through it does not infringe on the rights of third parties, and the author assumes no responsibility for the actions of, content posted by, or information disseminated by third parties.  Any third party that reposts, reblogs, links to, endorses, shares, or discusses any content, product, or service from this blog or the author does so at their own risk and without implication of the author’s permission to do so unless stated otherwise by the author.
    7. The content of this blog and any product or service obtained through it are based on the religions and practices of Abrahamic, Dharmic, animistic, pagan, indigenous, and other traditions from a variety of countries, regions, cultures, time periods, and historical eras.  Your right to use these products and services are protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 and the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 (H.R. 2431).
    8. The author reserves the right to change, add to, or delete this blog, its content, the products and services offered through it, and its terms, conditions, and disclaimer at any time for any reason without warning or notice.
    9. The author reserves the right to laugh at and ridicule you mercilessly if you take anything, including this disclaimer and set of regulations, with any level of unwarranted seriousness.  Lighten up a little.  Seriously, you actually bothered to read all this?  You’re so silly.

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  3. The Legal Informaticist says:

    Regarding disclaimer #7 – it isn’t customary to refer to laws by their bill numbers once they’re passed. I think you want “Pub. L. 103-141” and “Pub. L. 105-292”, respectively, at least until the parts of the U.S. Code they’re part of (42 U.S.C. 2000bb, et seq. and 22 U.S.C. 6401, et seq., respectively) are enacted as positive law – in which case you’d cite that.

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