Ritual for Summoning Spirits

This is a ritual from the 15th century Munich Manual of Demonic Magic titled De Responsione Spirituum, or “On the Response of Spirits”.   The ritual, which appears to be derived from Solomonic rituals, only sets up the area for summoning demonic or diabolical spirits, but does not address or conjure them specifically; that charge, I assume, would be up to to the conjurer.  It’s not as involved as a full-on Solomonic ritual space, though, and can be done faster and with less hassle.  Since the ritual references adversarial entities, as does the title of the grimoire itself, this ritual should probably only be used for conjuring demons, ghosts, or other such spirits.  In keeping with my other texts, I’ve changed the spelling of the Hebrew names “ADONAY” and “SABAOTH” to “ADONAI” and “TZABAOTH”, respectively.

For the ritual, you will need:

  • a small knife with a white or black handle, with the name “AGLA” written on one side of the blade and “TZABAOTH” on the other (a consecrated athame or Solomonic black-handled knife also suffice)
  • a censer or incense burner
  • church incense, or a mixture of frankincense and myrrh

The text also suggests two companions to be present, probably as assistants, guards, or magical spotters in case something goes awry.

In a remote and distant place, create a large circle with the knife, saying:

I make this circle in the name of God the omnipotent Father, who alone created the universe by the Word.

Around the edge of the circle, write the following names with the knife: on the west, AGLA; on the east, TETRAGRAMMATON; on the south, ADONAI; on the north, TZABAOTH.  Once this is done, create another circle in the middle of the first, saying:

I make this circle in the name of the living God, who redeemed the human race with human blood.

Then, in the middle of the second circle, create a third circle, saying:

I make this circle in the name of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, who illuminated the hearts of the apostles and prophets by his grace.

Create a large cross that cuts through the circle with the knife or, alternatively, cross yourself as you step outwards through each circle, once per circle.  As you do either of these, say the following:

The grace of God drive off all evil from us, by this sign of the Holy Cross.

The summoning area, assuming you actually draw the cross in the circle, should look like the following diagram.  Otherwise, it should just be three concentric circles.

Starting at the east of the circle, take the censer with the lit incense and walk clockwise around the area, saying:

I produce this incense in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Returning to the east of the circle and facing west towards it, repeat Psalm VII.  After that, say the following oration:

I adjure you, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, O eternal and unchanging God, understand now my call, my spirit, and the groans of my heart, and that I may rest in you, my Savior.   Give me a holy and honest understanding, and withdraw from me all that which is evil; grant me growth, transforming me in all your goodwill by which you formed and saved me.  Hear, O Lord, the prayer I have cried out to you, and hear me.  Reveal and illumine my eyes, my mind, and my flesh, that I may subside and understand your miracles.   Enliven me in your justice, that I may prevail in gazing upon my enemies and upon the Devil.

After this, make an oration to the spirit to be called up, probably from another text in the Manual or some other grimoire.  Before you do so, establishing a protective area around yourself and outside the summoning area might not be a bad idea, depending on the spirit being conjured.


40 Responses to Ritual for Summoning Spirits

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  2. Michael Strojan says:

    Very good translation. I’ve actually tried my hand as well at translating a few of the rituals – it is a deeply interesting text.

  3. Peter Yeboah says:

    Hello my good-friend,

    Please is it true or are you aware that, if one conjures the planetary spirits such as in the art of drawing spirits into the crystal, the spirits only do appear when the moon is waxing otherwise they may not?

    I ask this question because i have now finished preparing and having everything in place but not at the right moon phase at our nothern hemisphere here in the UK.

    Please your comment on the moon-phase to the conjuration of spirits..

    Appreciated as always.

    Thank you

    • polyphanes says:

      With angelic spirits (planetary, elemental, etc.), I haven’t noticed an effect on the success of conjurations due to the phases of the moon. Some spirits might take a slightly different form, but in my experience it doesn’t matter.

  4. pete says:

    Hello my friend, please can you help me about the following topic? For the conjuration of the elemental spirits, are there some acceptable measurements with regards to the creating of the triangle of the art, or not necessarily?

    I ask this because one author of summoning spirits book, writes about cutting an equilateral triangle,( each angle being sixty degrees) out of plywood with each side being three feet long.

    Also about the material to be use for creating the triangle of the art. If one cannot lay hands on a plywood, can’t i use a hard paper?

    Thanks a lot.

    • polyphanes says:

      I don’t know. The Lemegeton says that the Triangle of Art should be 3′ on a side, but I know some people who use bigger or smaller ones (generally smaller). The Triangle I have is only 10″ on a side, but I haven’t used it in conjurations.

      I’d personally prefer a more durable surface like treated plywood or clay or something instead of paper, since it may be that you need to throw something wet or on fire onto the Triangle depending on what kind of conjuration, offering, or punishment you’d be doing.

  5. And to make matters short, can the table of practice for the arts of drawing spirits into the crystal be used for elemental conjurations?

    Bearing in mind that the writings around the triangle are different with the exception of Michael.


    • polyphanes says:

      I’m not sure I follow. I use my Table of Practice for all kinds of spirits (local nature spirits, planetary angels, elemental angels), so I think the answer would be yes. The Table of Practice has two rings of names: the outer ring has the names of the planetary angels, the inner the names of the elemental angels.

      Please, in the future, try to keep comments relevant to the article they’re posted on. This has to do with the Trithemius rite of conjuration, not with the one described above which is used more for goetia or demon work. If you have questions otherwise, feel free to use the relevant article or email me at polyphanes at gmail.

  6. pete wiliams says:

    Thanks for your comments and advise

  7. Please if a book states that, a lamen for the conjurations of some particular spirits should be made in plate of silver, and one does not have the plate of silver, can he make it on anything that resembles plate of silver, or he could made that lamen on a parchment paper and it would work alright?

    I would appreciate your kind suggestion.

    Thank you.

    • polyphanes says:

      Use what you have. Silver is ideal because it’s the metal of the Moon, through which all planetary forces have to flow; silver can substitute for any planetary metal. However, use what you have; Agrippa says that it’s okay to use what’s available, though you might want to try and use things appropriate to the spirit in question (make it in the proper planetary hour and day, infuse the paper with a tea made from planet-appropriate herbs, color the paper with planet-appropriate paints, etc.). Chris Warnock of Renaissance Astrology has said that the materials don’t really matter, it’s the timing that does, but this is more for astrological magic than other things; however, since conjuration of spirits like how you’re probably exploring is similar enough, the planetary day and hour should suffice. That said, the closer you are to the book’s suggestions, the better results you’re likely to get.

      Again, this is an inappropriate place to talk about this, since it’s off-topic from this page (a ritual for summoning spirits in a very different way). I’d appreciate it if you’d email me instead, next time, instead of posting on an off-topic page.

  8. zaarz says:

    so , is it bad to have beelzebub , astaroth satan ,asmodeus and azazel’s Sigil on my wall , with no protection at all ?

    • polyphanes says:

      …yes. I apologize for my bluntness, but this is a terribly stupid idea. Don’t ever do this, not least because it makes you look like a high-schooler wannabe-edgy rebel satanist.

  9. yeb20022002 says:

    Please what should normally be the distance between the circle and the triangle of manifestation when summoning for a physical appearance? Thank you.

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  11. Cooper says:

    Im am into the science of the conjuring arts and have noted several temperature, EMF, and radiation signatures after performing ceremonies. Despite that I have also attempted to conjure the dark arts to no avail. So this is more of a note to those attempting it keep a basic compass and thermometer near by and a camera it will catch the IR signature that your eye can not see. To those who attempt good luck.

    • polyphanes says:

      If you’re attempting to get physically-measurable results out of conjuration rituals themselves, you’re doing the ritual for the wrong reasons, which is likely why your experiments “dark arts” haven’t been successful. If you spend your time calibrating EMF and EEG equipment and not enough time calibrating your mind through meditation, you’re not going to get anything psychic or physical, and you risk yourself more harm than anything else especially when you go calling more unsavory entities.

  12. Reader of the Dark Text says:

    Yes a friend of mine recently successfully summoned a spirt however after we finished the ritual and went our separate ways the spirt started causing disturbances in his home, that was two weeks ago and it’s still going on any advise on how to end this?

    • polyphanes says:

      Out of curiosity, was it with this specific ritual?

      Did you ever get a type of agreement with the spirit saying that they shouldn’t bother you? Did you banish your house? Did you use a circle, triangle, or other type of spirit container in your summoning ritual? When was the last time you cleansed yourselves, your houses, and your affairs? Did you ever call up the spirit again and tell them to cease their activity?

  13. Kofi Turkson says:

    pls what sign will i see that the spirit is coming if i am invoke .can i use some of the spirit name that i know to invoke them.

    • polyphanes says:

      Different spirits react in different ways to different people, so it’s hard to give a general rule here. However, you may hear thoughts in your head that aren’t your own, you may feel temperature or air pressure changes, you may see lights around your room, or you may even see the spirit appear whole in front of you.

      If you have the spirit’s name, by all means, use it to conjure them. Just be polite.

      • Charles Caulker says:

        I want to conjure a particular spirit which I have read of but I might be scared for the consequences though not actually. I want it to grant my request instantly and also I want to use my room as a ritual ground but it is made of tile, hw will those traces of circle show wen I do this with a knife?

        • polyphanes says:

          Don’t hold your breath for instantaneous results; magic isn’t fantasy, and unless a spirit has a good reason to give you such results and has enough power to do so, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

          Knives are used in this way to draw out the patterns and circles, but you can’t do that on tile. You might consider using washable paint or chalk first and then go over it again with the knife.

      • Werewolfdragon says:

        OK 1st of all you both are wrong here… Invoking and evoking are two very different things, do not get these two Confused when doing any spell work or summoning. To Evoke means to Call Forth/ Summon or “To Bring into Existence” Outside of your self. while to Invoke means to Call Forth/ Summon or “To Bring into Existence” Within Yourself. in the case of invoking where spirits are concerned. this is the equivalent of creating and then Opening a Gate or Portal inside of yourself, then Calling threw a Spirit. (this is that i have come to call Self Possession) and in most cases one that does this in this manner having been possessed may never know… so yea dont do this… if you must Summon a Spirit make sure you Evoke it, that way you stand a much better chance of not ending up possessed by the spirit you summon that is of-course assuming that you have the skills and knowledge needed to be able to protect yourself…however i would advise that you just leave this kind of thing alone after all even the best of us can end up possessed when dealing with spirits’ it only takes one stray Thought to cause a summing spell to ~Blow Up in your Face~ After all.

        • polyphanes says:

          Okay, first of all, do not come onto my blog with that tone of voice. I heartily welcome discussion of different viewpoints, but do not presume to proselytize here with your gospel truth of magic. I’m not an evangelical for a reason, and I do not tolerate it on my own blog.

          Second, I’ve already explored the words “invocation” and “evocation” and a slew of other such words in another post, and I’d advise you to read it. Long story short, the difference is entirely modern, and texts going back to the classical period use invocation, evocation, conjuration, and even exorcism interchangeably. The distinction you draw, while potentially useful, is entirely a modern one and assumes that there’s a fixed boundary between the two acts. There isn’t. Such a distinction comes, if anything, from Romantic and scientific notions of how the world should work, as well as modern fantasy games that assumes there’re distinct schools and techniques of magic set in stone. There isn’t. Magic is an extraordinary fluid, fickle thing and what starts out as an evocation can easily lead into possession, intentionally or not; likewise, what starts out as an invocation can become a distinct external summoning, intentionally or not.

          Third, I’m part of a religion where possession is a sacred act in the context of ritual, and both I myself as well as many of my colleagues have been possessed in order to better allow spirits to tell us or other people certain things, using the possessed as a hard-core medium. Spiritual possession is an ancient technique that Western magic has shied away from in recent centuries, but this is changing for the better with the help of competent magicians. It can happen that things go awry even in these contexts, but there are dozens of ways I can think of to stop such a bad possession in its tracks or to get rid of an unwelcome spirit.

          Fourth, the distinction between “self-possession” and “possession”, as you so awkwardly and ham-handedly put it, is a farce. If there’s a spirit in you, there’s a spirit in you, end of; the only thing that matters is how fully they come through and whether they have complete control of your body or whether they’re sorta riding alongside you. Again, the distinctions you draw are more theoretical than practical, and are ultimately unhelpful.

          Fifth, the whole point of these conjuration rituals is to have the protection and distance built in so that you’re automatically and passively protected. Circles, triangles, preliminary prayers, holy names of God, and so on all combine to create controlled channels of communication and spiritual power so that contact is established in a safe way. This is also assuming you engage in regular meditation, prayer, and other spiritual work not listed in individual rituals so as to build yourself up. That you’re competent enough to not have something blow up in your face is a given (hopefully), but even then, if something does go awry, you should be able to get yourself out of a problem or be able to get to a colleague or priest to help out. Many ritual texts, like the Key of Solomon, insists on having companions or students, not just for their own sake of spiritual enlightenment and empowerment but also to act as magical spotters.

          Sixth, have you read the rest of this blog? Do you know the things I do? The stuff you consider dangerous and ill-thought-out is my bread and butter. You’re not special in being fearful of this stuff, but instead are pitiful in carrying on unwelcome and unhelpful preconceived notions of magic that “blows up in your face”. Drinking hot coffee can blow up in your face, too; anything is dangerous if done in a stupid way. The whole point of my Work is to experiment and find better ways of doing stuff in not-dangerous ways, based on personal innovation and classical technique.

          • Ocean Delano says:

            Polyphanes, you forgot the very last part: *drops the mic* :-)

          • Werewolfdragon says:

            OK 1st of all my post was in response to what was said here:

            Kofi Turkson says:
            August 11, 2014 at 17:02

            pls what sign will i see that the spirit is coming if i am invoke

            Second I did not have any tone to my words.

            3rd: what i said about invoking and evoking is and was very true. you would be surprised how many people dont know the difference between these 2 things. “heck if you had asked me a few years ago i would not have known that difference Either.”

            4th: i never said you didn’t know what you are doing. i said that it can be dangerous if you dont know what your doing and if Care is not used when you are doing it, even for someone that does it can be just as dangerous “Otherwise you would not need “Magic Spotters”. but like that’s really going to stop someone lol.. as for my faith… you just assume that i am a christian, but i am not. yes i may have some christian values. Like Treating others as i want to be treated.. And things like that but in no way did what i posted before have anything at all to do with any of that at all.

            5th: as for your Religion. “good for you” i wish you the best of luck in all endeavors you so choose to pursue in your life. i have nothing against other religions or beliefs, as i have studied all walks of life and religions that i could manage to find into on., i have summoned spirits and demons of all kinds Most not very nice. and i have seen the dangers in doing so without protections and with Protections first hand with my own eyes… so i was referring to The subject from my own Experiences not based off of Christianity or your views but my Own personal Dealings.. So please dont assume to know me, or what i am about, i have no religion because i spent to much of my life studding every spiritual religion i could manage “Voodoo (Vodoun in the old tongue if i remember the spelling correctly), demonology, shamanic practices Both The Greek and Norse Mythology, i have delt in opening gates just to name a few . i will not name all areas i have delved into after all this is not about me, and im not going to brag about my abilities. as i am sure there is someone out there better then i am in what i can do. jsut as there is someone out there who is worse then i am. so this is not the point i am trying to make. the point is that i have seen more then most people that are braught up into any Spiritual Practices.. And no i dont mean i grabbed a book i mean i actually went out into the world and got involved in it personalty

            6th: As for your statement about what i consider dangerous or not, you only confirm that truth by stating that you know how to defend against anything bad happening.. however i was not referring to you Doing it.. i was directing that to Kofi Turkson : “pls what sign will i see that the spirit is coming if i am invoke” because hes not experienced If he was he would already know the answer to his question. also i was Correct in stating that Invoking can be dangerous.. a fact that you yourself know to be a fact. If it was not dangerous then there would be no need to protect yourself from it.

            7th: yes its true that i may not have read the entire post And was only posting in direct response to the post made by Kofi Turkson, However Despite that everything i posted did relate to the Blog. and was True in every way… Dont blame me because you misunderstood what it was i was saying or the reason behind my saying it. Trust me i had no ill intent behind my words. my only intent is that of preventing someone from being badly hurt because they thought it was all Fun and games and tried it without taking it seriously, after all Doing a Summoning of any kind Should never be attempted by those that are not serious about doing so. this tends to tick them off. A fact that i am also sure one of your Skill Should know all to well about already.

            Lastly: i think its great that you know what your doing, And i know all about Protective Circles and Mental barriers And The Likes, however Those are typically methods used to prepare for conjuration threw the use of Evoking “Summoning The spirit into being in front of you or inside a Spiritual Barrier. they are not typically used for invoking The spirits. “Now before you get yer nickers in a Knot “i said typically, this means that it can be used in invoking But this is not the Common way these protections are used. at least not yet, So That means that not many people know how to use them Methods to defend against invocation of a hostile Being. Regardless of what method one uses There remains the fact that invoking a spirit is allot more dangerous Then Evoking one. and your correct About anything being dangerous if done wrong or used wrong. However you have people that read this post that dont know near as much about it as you do. This must also be taken into consideration as for why i posted what i did, and should also be considered before you make any post so you say it in a way anyone can understand even without knowing anything about it. people deserve the right to know that there really is a danger to doing this. But knowing there’s a danger to it will not stop anyone that’s serious about trying it. so i dont know why you got all bent out of shape over my post. especially Considering that your response to my post only served to confirm everything i had said in it LoL . o well i guess you just needed someone to unload onto. Glad i was able to be of service LOL

            • polyphanes says:

              tl;dr: herp derp LOL

              For real, I think you’re just trying to be a jerk on my blog and putting more than a few words in my mouth. Reread my comment and refrain from replying to others that were made over a year ago.

              • Werewolfdragon says:

                by the Gods! Talk about Being judgmental, you know I have been trying to be nice and show Respect, by even agreeing with you. in Almost every area, Actually read my post instead of scanning threw it, and you will see that All i am doing is Backing up what you said. PS: However I know how to read between the lines of whats being said. And When you Start in About And I Quote you directly (Okay, first of all, do not come onto my blog with that tone of voice. I heartily welcome discussion of different viewpoints, but do not presume to proselytize here with your gospel truth of magic. I’m not an evangelical for a reason, and I do not tolerate it on my own blog.) Your Assuming that i am Speaking ~Gospel~ When i was not!. So who is putting words in who’s mouth?, your putting Words in my mouth from the moment i made my 1st post.” if you want me to be rude i could go there and all i would have to say is The Truth. “You assumed i was trying to undermine your Blog and your still assuming that. I am merely responding to your responses, now your the one with the ~tone~ not me, Then you claim to Be open to different View points concerning This Subject., However you turn around and attack someone Who is mostly agreeing with you. without even asking what i meant or anything you just assumed i was trying to ~proselytize: “attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another.” When i was not and i am not trying to do that. you are sadly mistaken if you think that. if that was my goal i would be like “Behold you all are going to Hell if you dont all refrain form Summoning EviL!!! “Evil laugh”” Was i doing that?, I thank not. so if your looking to have a Religious Argument that never ends and causes your blog to Be ruined then keep it up dude. I also believe in treating others as they are treating me. So i would highly suggest that you take your attitude and shove it back into your Closet and shut the door on it before it makes a bigger Fool Out of you then it already has. i have nothing against you as of yet but you are pushing me tword that end if you keep being rude tword me. the truth is not always a nice thing is it?

                • Werewolfdragon says:

                  PS: Magic is in all things In all places and across All realms, it is not Bound to any single task or type, if magic had to have a color it would be grey becasue it is neutral And has no goals of its own outside of The users own personal intent. yea yea yea i know all to well The nature of magic And how to use it. i have had Results that where instant and viewed by over 25 people at once. so your not telling me anything i dont already know. i just may not be using the proper descriptions but i know all to well. and no i Am not going to prove it. last time i did that someone almost died becasue of what i did to them. So i dont care if you think me a Carleton or not. i could care less… But all you have shown me so far is that your So full of yourself that your ears cant hear and your Eyes cant see the truth even when its slapping you in your face. and that you see what you want to see not whats actually there.

                  • Werewolfdragon says:

                    And Yes i am upset that you attacked me when i did not deserve that kind of treatment. i was going to make that one post then never post again till i saw the beginning of your response. so yea All this could have been avoided By you just Keeping that part about at the very start of your response where you stated :”Okay, first of all, do not come onto my blog with that tone of voice. I heartily welcome discussion of different viewpoints, but do not presume to proselytize here with your gospel truth of magic. I’m not an evangelical for a reason, and I do not tolerate it on my own blog.” If you have never said that i would never have made another post or if i had it Probably would have been better thought out then it was since i posted in Outrage. i mean honestly you could have said everything else you said without attacking me just becasue you taught i was trying to convert people.. I HATE religions that have people trying to force their beliefs onto others. So yea i greatly dislike any person that does that . why the hell Would i do the very thing i hate myself. i totally agree with you i hate that too. so yea that was not what i was doing and you falsely accused me of doing just that with the very 1st thing you posted!, anyway i am done with my ranting if you reply to this then i suggest you start over and we enjoy an in depth discussion Without all the DRAMA, and rudeness being directed back and forth. otherwise if this is not possible for you then just do not respond to my posts anymore and you’ll never see or hear form me again. Anyway to all others here who have been reading all this drama i apologizes for all this nonsense. this was truly not my intentions when i made that 1st post. you all have a nice day and be safe. Enjoy this all Hollows Eve.

                • Ragabash says:

                  It’s REALLY hard to take you seriously, werewolfdragon, when you aren’t even capable of spelling correctly. By the Gods man, turn on your spell check!!! Seriously though, why would you tart drama over a comment from a year ago? If you truly want to aim your comment towards a particular person, then name them in the comment, kind of like I did.

                  • Werewolfdragon says:

                    look i did not realize that post was from a year ago when i posted that. in all honesty i was looking for something else when this website came popping up i thought it was something else but after reading it i was Impressed with it and the Shear amount of details here. stuff that took me years to get any into on all in one place LOL yea i liked it.. i saw that someone had posted about being able to tell if invoking had worked… However without the knowledge and Sometimes even with Help this is not really a good idea .. now its not like most people take the easy or the safe way.. after all That’s what makes us Us. things that are not easy are often worth going for however I only had wanted to point out to that person and to any others out that that one should be very sure of themselves and Prepared for anything when dealing with summoning And that it is slightly safer to ones self to Evoke then it is to invoke.. I never said it was wrong or that it would condemn someone to hell or anything like that yet here this dude starts attacking me as though i was GOD himself! he brought Christianity into his own conversation by the very 1st line on the very 1st response that he himself made to my very 1st post. not me. he started this. and i never made drama i was merely responding to a post that i felt needed more attention, without realizing that it was over a year old. And that was all “polyphanes” is the one that made it into more then that. but i am going to defend myself when i feel like i am being attacked regardless of what form that attack should end up taking. Any of you woudl do the same. and he attacked me Witch was totally uncalled for. Case and point!

  14. Or drops the wand, in this case …

  15. Adam Beld says:

    And that is how it is done.By the Gods!

  16. The above is an excellent example as to why I married him.

  17. king man says:

    Thank you very much is very powerful

  18. Kodjo says:

    THanks for the information. Please I wish to conjure the spiritis but I do not know where to start from. Could you please kindly be of help

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