The Work is a complex series of operations, mostly involving rituals, prayers, and other symbolic acts.  Some of them range in complexity from a short prayer to full-out incense-and-candles-everywhere conjurations of the kings of mighty and ancient spirits.  Some work amazingly well and powerfully, some work not at all, and some just require a bit of tweaking or experimentation to really get.  Whatever it is, use the “Rituals” menu above for a list of the things I’ve done or said myself and can approve of.  They’ll often be things that are hard-to-come-by, self-invented, or otherwise unusual; I’ll gloss over common things like the Qabbalistic Cross or simple blessings of water or candles.

Below are a few shots of ritual setups or altars I have or have used in the past.


5 Responses to Rituals

  1. Peter Yeboah says:

    A very happy New Year Poly, i was going to ask for your suggestions about a question that has to do with the Arts of drawing spirits into the crystal for which i have now got everything i need for conjuration, however, i have forgotten to bring the questions along with me when i was coming into I.T. Caffeine.

    I hope to send the question by tomorrow Monday.

    Thank you always for your patience and kindness in answering questions and bringing up suggestions whenever some of us need help.

    Again a very happy and prosperous New Year, 2012.

    Thanks a lot

  2. Peter Yeboah says:

    Hello my good friend,

    Please my question for the start of the new year about the arts of drawing spirits into the crystal: From the Rufus Opus modern angelic grimoire, page 28, paragraph 3 at the second line of reading, it states that if you are asking for the spirit to manifest something, ask what kind of gift it would like to receive in thanksgiving when your request manifests. That, if it wants your blood, it is a good idea to say no, usually candles, bread, a steak roasted in its honour and left out for the spirit to do as it will which are all appropriate” The question here is: while i understand that i can burn candles presumably at the hour of that spirit i may conjure for perhaps three days successively, i am actually not clear as to what to do with the roated bread and to leave it where for how long.

    Also, please, can’t i tell the spirit of any prefered amount i may be able to afford for a charity donation if my request manifests?. What is your own suggestion about this gifts to be given to the spirit is a requst manifests. Again the burning of candles is something that i can easily do. Please could you kindly suggest to me as to any other thing or that may be enough?

    I appreciate your contribution as usual.

    Thank you.

    • polyphanes says:

      For questions specific to Fr. RO’s eBooks, I’d rather you ask him yourself. He’s been at this for longer than I have, and I’m still learning plenty from him. His contact information can be found on his website.

      In my practice, when I make food offerings to spirits (like my household protector and spirits of the land and whatnot, not necessarily ones I’ve conjured using the Trithemius rite/MAG), I make it known to the spirit that I’m making an offering to them of such-and-such foodstuffs or drink, announcing them by name or function, and ritually setting out the food. Sometimes I leave the food sitting out only overnight, sometimes for several days, depending on how much time I have; when I dispose of it, I throw it outside, especially for nature spirits or genii locorum. It’s like the spirits themselves eat the “spirit” of the food, and then the animals (the manifestations of the genii and spirits) get the material food. Different spirits or pantheons may want to handle this differently; Hinduism, for instance, offers food to the gods which makes the food holy, which is then eaten by the worshipful, while Judaic sacrifices given entirely to God, and with Greco-Roman styles of worship dedicating only part of the sacrifice to the deities in some cases.

      Try asking the spirits yourself to see what they like; they know better than I do. I do know of the system of planetary charity (which you can read more of on Christopher Warnock’s excellent Renaissance Astrology site here), where you donate money to a particular group or type of people or causes to please, petition, or propitiate the planetary deities. Ask the spirits what they think and see what they prefer.

  3. Peter Yeboah says:

    Hello polyphanes,

    Thank you for all the honest answers you have provided to me. I can now say that your advise has given me an a complete idea on how the issue is to be resolved.

    Thanks again my friend.

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