Prayer of Anointing

A prayer to be used while anointing oneself with holy or magical oil, first mentioned in this post.  While anointing the forehead, temples, palms, wrist, or chest, recite Psalm 23.  Then, say the following.

Almighty God, creator of all things, lord, king, master, helper, hear me!

As I anoint myself with this oil,
so too anoint my body, soul, spirit, and mind with your grace, mercy, forgiveness, power, strength, wisdom, patience, authority, and light.
As I come before you now and call on your holy name,
help me, o Lord, that I may come to see you, hear you, know you, and be with you,
that I may align my will with yours,
that I may know my True Will,
that I may carry out your Will,
that I may go where I must go, know what I must know, do what I must do, and become what I must be.

Whatever flaws there may be in my body, mend them and help me mend them.
Whatever gaps there may be in my soul, close them and help me close them.
Whatever holes there may be in my spirit, fill them and help me fill them.
Whatever cracks there may be in my mind, seal them and help me seal them.
However I am imperfect, o Lord, make me perfect in my imperfections,
that I may come to see you, hear you, know you, and be with you,
that I may come to walk in your path, at your side, in your footsteps.


Follow up with any other prayers (an Our Father, a Glory Be, etc.) as desired. 


8 Responses to Prayer of Anointing

  1. michtus says:

    Is there any material needed in anointing ? Please help me !

  2. Luqman Bashiru says:

    Can this prayer be still use when anointing in the processing of healing?

    • polyphanes says:

      Possibly; I haven’t used it for that. I use this prayer mostly for self-empowerment and guidance in my morning daily rituals. You might substitute or add on to the “with your grace, mercy, forgiveness…” part with “your healing” and similar things.

      All the same, Psalm 23 is definitely the traditional verse to read when doing any a Western framework of magic. Any other requests, prayers, etc. should be said after reciting that psalm. Alternatively, I’d suggest something like the healing prayer to Saint Raphael.

  3. Luqman Bashiru says:

    Thanks, you did a great work

  4. Luqman Bashiru says:

    What oil will you recommend on this empowerment anointing?

    • polyphanes says:

      Honestly, pretty much any one has some virtue you can use. I normally stick with holy oil or Abramelin oil for general empowerment and spiritual authority, but any magical oils (Van Van, Scorpion, Four Winds, Wisdom of Solomon, etc.) can be used. They’re all meant for anointing and empowering you in some way. Look up sites like Lucky Mojo and see what kinds of magical oils they offer.

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