The things I work and study often involve magic circles and other designs that are the stuff of arcane lore and World of Warcraft-esque fanart (but since that took its style wholesale from Dungeons and Dragons, and that from actual occultism…).  You’ll find below a number of designs, templates, and plans I created.  I post them so that others may find inspiration with them to create their own such designs, or so that they put to use what I give out to the Internet.  Although largely traditional, keep in mind that they were tailored by myself for my own use.

Please note that although I provide these designs for free, I do not license people without my express permission to use them for commercial ends.  If you have any questions about their use or if you’d like permission to use them in a published text or commercial product, please contact me.


5 Responses to Designs

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  3. kordalis says:

    Superb designs. And usefull too. Thanx

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