Carrying out the Work often calls for specialized tools.  I can find a few of them in stores, but more often I have to make what I need myself.  It can be fun sometimes, but it can be frustrating as well, especially when materials get scarce and you only have one shot at making something usable (but, when possible, perfect).  Below are a few of the things I’ve created and crafted, sometimes with the generous help of others.  The menu above under Crafts shows some of my more complex or involved projects, along with the context, research, and process behind their creation.

If you’re interested in having me craft something for you or your practice for a fee, contact me and we can go over ideas and designs.  I generally take up projects on a case-by-case basis, so let me know and I’ll let you know in return.  PayPal is the preferred payment method, but other methods can be arranged if needed.


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