The Digital Ambler is one of those blogs on the Internet about things that interest me and may interest you.  Originally begun as a tributary board for the god of the Internet XaTuring, I began to write about my life and practice as a ceremonial magician in the Hermetic tradition.  I’m taking public notes of my crafts and progress in the Great Work, if for no other reason to keep myself in line and have things kept down and somewhat organized for future use.  There’ll be plenty more to talk about besides my notes in rituals and arcane incantations, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Personally, I’m male, like men, flirty, and a caffiend; astrologically, I’m a Libra Sun, Virgo Moon, Taurus Rising.  I’m a software developer by trade and went to university for computer science, but my big hobbies lie in the occult, specifically traditional Western magic, Renaissance astrology, and geomancy.  My sister, now a professional tarot reader and astrologer, was one of the many road signs that pointed me to this path, and now here I am.  Walking this path has been a fun trip, and it promises to only get better as I learn and do more with it.  I don’t have any clear reason why I’m studying this beyond the fact that I feel called and proper doing it all, but whatever.

Feel free to follow along and amble with me, ask me things, or suggest things for me to ramble about.  Occasionally I’ll put up goodies or other cool things that may come in use in your own hobbies, if you happen to walk a similar path as mine.  On this site, you’ll find the following sections:

  • Home — The main site.  This is a blog, after all, so you’ll find most of the content here and dating back to early 2010.
  • About — The very page your eyes descry, dear reader.  A brief description of me, this blog, and the stuff on it.
  • Crafts — Pictures and descriptions of the things I’ve made relevant to the Work.
  • Designs — Patterns and designs made for inscribing, printing, burning, or whatever.
  • Prayers — Prayers, hymns, and orisons to various entities or Entity.
  • Rituals — Layouts and processes of rituals, consecrations, &c.
  • Services — Rituals, consultations, divination readings, and other things I provide as a service.
  • Skills —  Discussions of various topics and tricks you might be able to incorporate somehow into your own practice.

Feel free to subscribe and comment on my blog, subscribe to my page on Facebook (facebook.com/digitalambler) or follow me on Twitter (@polyphanes), which is a more immediate and personal view of my life and goings-on.  You can also contact me by using the form on the Contact page.  If you’re in the mood to spend some money, check out my Etsy shop (polyphanes) and take a look around for talismans, jewelry, ritual gear, and ebooks!  I make no claims as to the decency, appropriateness, safety, or sanity of whatever content I spew forth onto the interwebs, so caveat lector.


14 Responses to About

  1. Hey dere.
    How would you feel about writing up a brief Gematria primer for Open Path? Lemme kno if the spirit moves ya.

    • polyphanes says:

      I suppose I could, though it’s not something I do more than the absolute basics to see what’s equal to what. Shoot me an email (my handle at Gmail) and let me know what you’d like me to cover.

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  3. I am not interested in anything occult, but I like your voice. I read a few posts under your “Whining” page, and you made me laugh, so I’ve decided to follow you in spite of the rational half of my mind.

    #just thought you should know #yes, I am new here #this might be a blogging faux pas

    • polyphanes says:

      I’m flattered I can entertain even the stalwart nonoccultists in the midst of the Internet! Stick around, you might like laughing at my occult stories anyway. Half the time I get confused and wonder why I talk to inanimate objects, and the other half I don’t know what’s going on anyway. Besides, as I’m fond of saying, if you can’t laugh at something then you’re not taking it seriously enough.

      Enjoy the ride!

  4. Akis says:

    Hi Polyphanes.

    Do you know anything about luck? I read Dr. Weissman’s book “The Luck Factor” , but i guess i am too old school. He went a bit overboard with the science and missed the essence. I am not talking casino probability luck, but opportunity luck or timing luck. Thanks.

    • polyphanes says:

      I don’t really know what you mean. I’ve never heard of the dude or his book, and I’ve got too many other books to read as it is for now.

      To me, luck is no more than a circumstance, random or otherwise, that one has prepared for in advance. If you want to discuss magical influences on fortune and misfortune, what part of magic do you want to ask about? Help from spirits watching your back? Astrologically beneficial times to do something? This is a pretty broad topic that I can’t just whip out an explanation for.

  5. mirabella says:

    i don’t have twitter. is there contact info for you? email addy?

  6. mirabella says:

    Thank you, it certainly evaded me! I need you. Let me explain. Going to email you about appt availability! For friend & also myself. Have you ever been called a polymath? I’m calling you one now! Polyphanes, Polymath, & …
    Pleasure Proponent!

  7. Kai Skyward says:

    I’ve just started to study herbology and energetics, do you know anything about herbology or kitchen witchery as some call it? I’ve run across a few books that say some herbs can have magical influence in tonics teas and cooking. I havn’t yet run across any posts on this blog about herbs.

    • polyphanes says:

      Mostly because I use herbs but don’t focus on them in my practice. I use them in incenses, baths, and talismans/mojo bags, but it’s all stuff you can find anywhere online or in books. Stuff like using sulfur or asafoetida for banishing, hyssop or basil for cleansing, and the like are all really simple and found anywhere. Still, I have a few herbal recipes on the blog, one for Florida water and one for Fiery Wall of Protection oil. You might do well do get a book of correspondences between herbs and the planets/elements/gods/zodiac signs/etc.; Scott Cunningham, cat yronwrode, and others are good resources for this.

  8. Nice blog. BTW Aghor Pir disappeared from the blogosphere many months ago, though i see you still have a link to him. I miss his blog alot for sure.

    • polyphanes says:

      Thanks! Also, thanks for the tip about Aghor Pir. I hadn’t noticed, though I did realize his stuff hadn’t popped up in my RSS feed in a while. I need to go through and add more links to the sidebar anyway, so thanks for pointing that out.

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