Now Featuring “Bones and Stars”

As you can guess, I have a good number of magical colleagues and friends all across the blogosphere (because I’m just so popular, obvi), as well as in my local and not-so-local area.  It’s been uncommon for me to do much with them magically, though; occasionally I’ll participate from afar in a group working, but beyond that, I’m pretty solitary when it comes to my Work.  That has officially changed, and now I belong to a spiritual consulting and services group known as Bones and Stars.  Together with my colleagues Ahmadi Riverwolf, Jhada (Rogue) Addams, Vincent Huckle, Michelle Lacoste, Adam Boersen, and Raven Orthaevelve (yes, my crafty silversmith friend!), we’ve banded together to form a spiritual consulting and paranormal investigation group to serve the world using teamwork and legendary friendship superpowers.  After all, while we’re all reasonable magicians and priests in our own rights, together we’re quite effective and have already taken on some cases in the southern Pennsylvania and Maryland areas.  We’re excited to start this project, since we’ve been talking about it forever and have already basically been working as a group anyway.  It’s just now that we’re all official-like and stuff.

Of course, none of this means I’ll drop what I’m doing in my own life.  Bones and Stars is something to augment my work, putting to practice my own theories and research and personal Work, and though I’ll write an occasional post or recycle one of my older owes for its blog (which you should totally add to your blogfeed), I won’t be distracted or detracted from continuing my work here on the Digital Ambler.  By all means, look to Bones and Stars for spiritual consulting, paranormal investigation, and the like, but don’t forget I’m able to take personal commissions, rituals, readings, and writing for clients, too!  On that note, if you haven’t yet, check out my Etsy page, where you can help fund my own projects as well as those of Bones and Stars (like, you know, webhosting).

So, by all means, add Bones and Stars to your blogfeed and bookmarks, check us out, and spread the word!  We’d love to hear from you, and help you in whatever spiritual needs you might have.


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