Behold, a new geomancy group!

Recently, my online friend and increasingly-awesome cohort in wine, magic, and divination and I were talking about Facebook on Facebook (there’s a “yo dawg” joke here somewhere).  Long story short, we agreed it’d be awesome to start a Facebook group for traditional divinatory geomancy, so we did just that.  You can find the link here, which you should totally click on and join, assuming you have a Facebook account and are also interested in geomancy.  Yours truly, after all, is an admin of the group, and would so love to see you start a new conversation on an old art.

Of course, the original geomancy mailing list, the Yahoo! group Geomantic Campus is still alive and kicking, and if you haven’t joined there yet, you should, assuming you have a Y! account and are also interested in geomancy.  There’s also the Astrogem Geomancy Facebook group, for those of you who practice Les Cross’ innovative method of modern geomancy (which I’ve reviewed here). And then there’s also my own geomancy posts you might read and ask questions on.  The power is yours!


About polyphanes
I'm a software developer and Hermetic occultist living near Washington, DC, USA. I claim that I'm youthful, dashing, daring, and other things. I make things and chant stuff, and periodically write about them.

One Response to Behold, a new geomancy group!

  1. Narkaios Alepou says:

    Reblogged this on Ivy-clad musings from under the torches… and commented:
    “Increasingly-awesome cohort” actually means “another unfocused one, who is all over the place”… :)

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