Crucible 2012!

(No, not the fine establishment in DC.)

I only found out about this conference last year, like, a week before it was going to happen, so I missed it, but I’m totally going to Crucible 2012.  It’s a conference of occultists, magicians, mystics, and pagans with presentations on different parts of the occult and occulture.  Not only do people like Fr. Rufus Opus, Jason Miller, and any number of other well-known magicians going, but it’s also my birthday weekend (Columbus Day weekend, October 5 through 7), and it’s also the first time I’m riding a real train (to Princeton, NJ) and getting my own hotel room on my own.  SO EXCITE.

So, who else might I see there?  And who’d be up for getting a few beers?


About polyphanes
I'm a software developer and Hermetic occultist living near Washington, DC, USA. I claim that I'm youthful, dashing, daring, and other things. I make things and chant stuff, and periodically write about them.

7 Responses to Crucible 2012!

  1. Ocean Delano says:

    I’m trying to get together the funds to go. How much is it costing you, total?

  2. Kalagni says:

    I was considering it, and usually that would overlap with my fall reading week, but my University decided to push that back three weeks. It still overlaps with Thanksgiving weekend, so it’s possible to make it down with that extra time. Bah, we’ll see what shapes up.

  3. I’m personally not going unless my Jupiter talisman lights up and fills the Temple with silver dollars, but you reminded me of a fun trip out to Princeton U in the 80’s. I took the Amtrak from Boston, then the narrowguage “Princeton Dinky” shuttle out to the campus. I was recruiting for Data General.

    Be sure to watch for the black squirrels.

  4. Ocean Delano says:

    I’m trying to get the funds together so that I can attend. So far the trip looks like it will cost me about $800, so I’m not sure if it’ll happen. Still, I’m going to try to save up my money and see.

    • polyphanes says:

      (Dunno why this was dumped into the spam filter. My apologies, OD.)

      The total cost is running about $450 for me, not including the food and other things I may purchase while I’m up there. That includes ticket with dinner, train, and hotel for two nights.

  5. There’s no way I’m missing this. I did a round of emails awhile back to see who’d be showing up, and the guest list makes me squee with fangirl-esque excitement.

  6. Satyr Magos says:

    I would like to go, but it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to get away during the semester like that.

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